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Dirt Cheap Acoustic Guitar Strings
80/20 Light Ga. Acoustic Guitar Strings
Save a bundle on your next string purchase. Get a dozen sets of quality strings for what you would pay for 4 sets from your local supplier.  Nice warm acoustic sound at a wholesale price. 12/16/24w/32w/42w/53w


Nickel Electric Light Ga. Guitar Strings
Play your best licks on Dirt Cheap Guitar Strings and save a bundle at the same time. Order a dozen sets so cheap, you could GIVE them to your guitar playing buddies!.  Nice bright sound at a dealer prices. 9/11/16/24w/32w/42w









Keywords: manufacturers electronic keyboard
Keywords: manufacturers electronic keyboard
Alvarez Guitars
Manufacturer/distributors of Alvarez and Yairi acoustic guitars
Keywords: manufacturer guitar
Barbera Transducer Systems
Manufacturer of pickup systems for violin family instruments.
Keywords: manufacturers pickups string supplies electronic violin
Manufacturer of pickups for all instruments.
Keywords: manufacturers pickups supplies electronic
Bartolini Pickups
Maker of pickups for guitar and bass.
Keywords: manufacturer pickups guitar bass electronic
Black Diamond Strings
Manufacturer of strings for fretted instruments and violins.
Keywords: strings manufacturer guitar supplies
Black Mountain Instruments
Manufacturer of mountain dulcimers, including electrics, kits.
Keywords: manufacturers string appalachian dulcimer kits making
Boosey & Hawkes
Manufacturer and distributor of high quality musical instruments and accessories, including Besson brass, Buffet woodwinds and Höfner guitars and basses.
Keywords: manufacturers guitar winds
C. F. Martin Co.
Manufacturers of acoustic guitars, mandolins, ukuleles.
Keywords: manufacturers guitar mandolin acoustic
Manufacturers of solid body stand up basses and bass pickups.
Keywords: manufacturers strings electric bass pickups
Eastman Guitars
Hand carved archtop guitars made in China in the tradition of violin making.
Keywords: strings guitar manufacturer
Eastman Strings
Manufacturers and distributors of better quality Asian and European made violin family instruments. Wholesale only. Ask for local dealers.
Keywords: strings manufacturers dealers violin
Ethnic Musical Instrument Company
Ancient ethnic instruments from India, Africa and the Middle East.
Keywords: manufacturers dealers percussion ethnic
Guitars, basses, parts, and accessories. A dealer locator and internal search are also provided.
Keywords: manufacturers electric guitars
Flute and Sax Serial Numbers
Also clarinet numbers. From Dr. Rick's Village Flute and Sax Shop (New York).
Keywords: reference serial woodwind manufacturers flute saxophone
Flute Manufacturers Index
An extensive list of manufacturers with links to websites of those that have them.
Keywords: reference woodwind flute manufacturers
Manufacturers of guitars, banjos, mandolins, dobros and other musical hardware.
Keywords: manufacturers guitar banjo mandolin electric
Gliga Violins USA
Specializing in fine Romanian Violins/Fiddles, Violas, Cellos, Double-Basses and accessories, available in different quality levels, and from child to adult sizes.
Keywords: dealers manufacturers violin
Guild Guitars
Manufacturer of acoustic and electric guitars and basses.
Keywords: manufacturers guitar bass electric acoustic
Harmony Central
A massive information resource for popular music instruments and equipment. Especially useful is the huge database of user reviews of guitars and other instruments, both modern and vintage.
Keywords: reference guitars keyboards dealers manufacturers
Kurzweil Music Systems
Electronic musical instruments by one of the more innovative and visionary companies, now owned by Young Chang.
Keywords: manufacturers keyboard electronic
L.R. Baggs Co.
Manufacturer of pickups for guitar, double bass, cello and others.
Keywords: manufacturers pickups string supplies electronic
Leblanc Online
Woodwind instruments (Kenosha, WI)
Keywords: manufacturers wind woodwind
Mid East Manufacturing
Manufacturers and importers of exotic musical instruments. Their cast ceramic doumbeks are best known. They also supply harps, sitars and other Indian ethnic instruments, Scottish bagpipes, African style percussion and many other items. Most instruments are factory made in Pakistan and China and are not first quality, but some, are perfectly usable.
Keywords: dealers manufacturers ethnic bagpipes drums percussion
           Moog Music
Theremins and other electronic instruments from synth pioneer Robert Moog. Keywords: manufacturer moog electronic theremin
Music Group
Manufacturers of Besson, Buffet Crampon, Hofner, Keilwerth, Paesold, Rico, and W. Schreiber instruments and accessories.
Keywords: manufacturers
Music Group - Serial Numbers
Serial numbers for Schreiber, Keilwerth, Buffet Crampon, Boosey & Co., Hawkes & Son, and Boosey & Hawkes/Besson.
Keywords: manufacturers serial reference
Music Trades
Print magazine published continuously since 1890 for instrument manufacturers and retailers. Subscription includes an annual buyers guide that is a fairly comprehensive directory of instrument manufacturers and wholesalers. This resource alone is well worth the modest subscription cost.
Keywords: reference sigs periodicals manufacturers dealers
NAMM - International Music Products Association
Industry association for music manufacturers and retailers.
Keywords: makers manufacturers sigs dealers
Salvation Army Instrument Factory
A short history by Will Scarlett of the company which operated in England from 1889 to 1972.
Keywords: brass manufacturers
Selmer Company
Maker of the Vincent Bach line of brass instruments, including Bach Stradivarius trumpets and trombones.
Keywords: manufacturers brass wind
Steinway & Sons
The great American piano company continues to create masterpieces of the art.
Keywords: manufacturers piano keyboard
Distributor of the Conn and King brands of brass instruments.
Keywords: manufacturers wind brass
United Musical Instruments, USA, Inc.
Maker of Armstrong and Artley flutes, piccolos and clarinets and other woodwinds.
Keywords: manufacturers wind flute
(Buena Park, CA) Yamaha has been a leader in the production of both traditional and innovative new (mostly electronic) musical instruments for many years.
Keywords: manufacturers keyboard electronic piano wind string
Michel Waisvisz
Makes gestural virtual reality controllers for electronic music making.
Keywords: makers electronic experimental
NAMM - International Music Products Association
Industry association for music manufacturers and retailers.
Keywords: makers manufacturers sigs dealers
Nyckelharpa Bjorn Bjorn
Maker and player of the Swedish bowed keyboard instrument
Keywords: makers nyckelharpa ethnic string
R.E. Bruné
Maker of classical guitars, lutes and harpsichords.
Keywords: makers lute harpsichord guitar
Recorder Makers & Retailers
Nicholas S. Lander's extensive searchable databases of recorder makers and dealers worldwide.
Keywords: makers dealers recorder
Richard Waters
Inventor of the Waterphone and other unusual acoustic instruments in stainless steel and bronze or bamboo which utilize water. He has sold his Waterphone business to Joel Shellhase at: http://www.waterphone.com
Keywords: makers experimental acoustic
Sarawak Sape (stringed instrument of Borneo)
The Sape or Sapeh is an ornately decorated stringed instrument from Borneo. You can buy direct from the makers. Several models including a hybrid sapeh/ukulele.
Keywords: sapeh strings makers ethnic Borneo
Sorli Lautenwerke and Harpsichords
The workshop of Steven Sorli, maker of Lautenwerke (gut-strung harpsichords) and other interesting historical hybrid keyboards in Amherst, Massachussetts. Site includes Includes educational information, photos, audio-clips, prices, links and more.
Keywords: harpsichord makers historical keyboards
Sources for Renaissance Woodwinds
A short list compiled by Grant D. Green
Keywords: makers dealers early wind
Thanh Cam Musical Instrument Workshop (Vietnam)
Makers of traditional Vietnamese instruments, guitars and violins.
Keywords: violin makers ethnic
Tom Anderson Guitarworks
Small company making electric guitars and pickups.
Keywords: makers guitar pickup
Triplett Harps
(San Luis Obispo, CA) Makers of folk harps
Keywords: makers folk harp
Violin Making
A nice tour of the process of violin making from luthier Hans Johannsson.
Keywords: making makers violin
Violin Society of America
VSA is a non-profit organization created for the purpose of promoting the art and science of making, repairing and preserving stringed musical instruments and their bows. In addition to a Journal and workshops, VSA also sponsors prestigious international competitions of contemporary violin and bow makers.VSA awards are considered a distinctive measure of a maker's quality.
Keywords: violin bow makers sigs
Von Huene Workshop
(Brookline, MA) Makers and dealers in early winds, especially quality recorders.
Keywords: makers dealers early recorder gamba wind
Worldwide Internet Music Resources: Musical Instrument Makers and Dealers, and Instrument Making
An excellent list compiled by Indiana University School of Music.
Keywords: makers making dealers reference
Zuckermann Harpsichords International
(Stonington, CT) Instruments and kits by an established and reputable workshop.
Keywords: makers dealers keyboard early harpsichord clavichord


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